Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freestanding Large Double Wind Chime

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wind chime, freestanding, large, beach stone, copper, glass
Freestanding double wind chime with a natural beach stone base and intertwined copper supports. Two handcrafted sets of chimes with beach stone clappers. For more information, or to purchase, visit Coast Chimes by Clicking Here.

It was a challenge to get back to work after that fabulous holiday on Maui, especially with the very heavy rains we have been having here on the Sunshine Coast, and high winds. But last week I did buckle down and get a lot accomplished.

Finally I have some new stock of the very large freestanding wind chimes. These are great! Each one has a nice, smooth natural Pacific beach stone base, my smooth with mat finish beach style glass, and handcrafted copper wind chimes. The double ones have intertwined copper supports. There is only one thing I do not like so much about these: packing them to ship! But that is not your problem, and for the USA and Canada, I ship them for free!

Why not visit my website, Coast Chimes, and see more of these amazing wind chimes? Soon there will be four different sets available.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hawaii, Maui

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Hawaii, North of Kapalua
North of Kapalua, Maui. Not your usual laid back beach scene.

Back from a most excellent ten days on Maui, Hawaii. I had been there about thirty years ago, and had fond memories. That rather concerned me, because sometimes going back to a place you enjoyed can be a disappointment. Things change, and often not for the better.

I had heard and read that Maui had become much more developed and a much busier place. True enough, there certainly were many more large resorts. But I found it still easy to get away from it all, and even the main beaches not very crowded.

What a beautiful, beautiful place. I actually found it much nicer than my memories, which says a lot, since I had such great memories. The weather was perfect; it was not as hot and humid as I recalled— just a delightful warmth. And there were no bugs etc. (I recall sand fleas being a minor issue last time). Everything was so clean; there was almost no garbage or litter around, and especially the beaches were spotless-- I remember more trash around last time.

In short, an absolutely ten out ten little holiday. Now back to work.