Friday, November 20, 2009

Wind Chime and Suncatcher Sale Continues

Click on the picture to see it larger
Flowing Copper
Beach Glass Inspired Wind Chime
Five Copper Chimes / Hammered Copper Windsail

Last week my first BIG sale went so well, I decided to continue it for a while. The exchange rate is so unfavourable right now, I need to sell more works than previously, just to meet my material bills.

I have a number of really great sale prices on Etsy (an excellent arts and crafts website). For example, the flowing copper beach glass inspired wind chime pictured above is on sale, marked down from $179.50 to just $139. You can find it on this Etsy Page. I have about fifteen items on sale on Etsy, some marked way down.

There are different sale items on my own website, Coast Chimes. I have one of my kaleidoscope beach glass inspired wind chimes on sale on the Carousel Page. And there is also a super beautiful wind chime with three nice large glass pieces and copper wire wrapping on my Gallery Page.

These are some great deals; excellent for the early Christmas gift shopper. Most of these sales will end soon. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wind Chime Sale

Click on the picture to see it larger
wind chime beach glass inspired with copper chimes
On Sale
With Five Copper Chimes and a Beach Stone Clapper
Reg. $177.50, now on sale for $135 incl. postage to the USA or Canada

Late October and November are the slowest times of the year for me, which is kind of a good thing as it allows plenty of time to get ready for the Christmas rush, to make a lot of stock. But it is also kind of a bad thing, as for some odd reason the bills keep coming in. In fact, since I make so many things during this relatively quiet period, the bills come in faster and larger than usual, since materials cost a lot of money.

From the eco-friendly excellent tung nut oil finish I use ($38 a quart), to the copper for the chimes, it all adds up. Then there are the tools. My sort of work does not just involve investing in a lot of expensive tools like a table saw, but constantly repairing and replacing those tools. For example, just last week my soldering iron burnt out, and my air compressor fried. The air compressor took along a hundred dollar extension cord as a special bonus.

In anticipation of some particularly eye-popping bills soon to arrive, I have decided to run a few sales. I have a number of beautiful works over at the excellent arts and crafts site Etsy (eleven beautiful works on sale). And I also have a few items on my website, including the stunning kaleidoscope wind chime pictured above.