Friday, January 30, 2009

Barbecued Dog

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dog, barbecuedThese cold days, the wood stove is nice and toasty, but Yukon proves falling asleep in front of it is not a good idea.

We've had such a long, cold winter. The ol' wood stove has been working hard to heat our home.

We all like to spend some moments in front of it, warming our back and front sides. No one likes this more than Yukon. Last night we were all upstairs when suddenly we smelt something burning. Turned out to be dog fur. The hound had been sleeping a little too close, for a little too long, and he started to toast. I guess his heavy fur coat insulates pretty well, and he never felt how hot it was, until it was too late. Talk about a 'golden' retriever! I noticed he is not sleeping in front of the stove this morning, so maybe he's figured that out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Beach Glass Inspired Kaleidoscope Wind Chimes!

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wind chime, copper, stained glassBeach glass inspired kaleidoscope wind chime
Now on sale on my website!

Despite the cold, irregardless of the snow, I have finally managed to complete a few of my popular kaleidoscope art wind chimes. There are four stunningly beautiful new ones on my website, and I even put one of them on sale for only $137.50, instead of the usual $177.50. The price even includes shipping (USA and Canada)!

It does indeed continue to be unusually cold here on the Sunshine Coast. Last night it was minus 6C, and the forecast is for snow tonight and tomorrow. Unbelievable. We still have snow on the ground from before Christmas. This makes for very pretty hikes up on the mountain, but uncomfortable days working on my projects. Thank goodness for my somewhat heated workshop-- the first year I have this luxury. Still, there is a lot of stuff that has to be done right out in the open, and I can hardly wait for spring!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cool Freestanding Suncatchers

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Freestanding Beach Glass Inspired
Suncatcher Chime
Natural Pacific Beach Stone ~ Naturally Beautiful!

Busy times here on the Sunshine Coast. The Christmas rush, and then several wholesale orders, made a BIG dent in my stock. So I am working full speed to make new things.

I've just completed a series of freestanding natural beach stone sculptures, some with handcrafted copper chimes, some with double sets of chimes, and othres with glass and no chimes. These are truly unique. The glass and copper go so nicely with the natural stone and the tung nut oiled wood. Very peaceful.

To see the full series, visit the Gallery Page of my website. You can learn all about them, and, if you wish, buy one. Even though these are large and heavy to ship, there is no postage or handling charge on my website prices for the USA or Canada. If you are in Canada, you may wish to ask for an invoice in Canadian funds. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Reverse Painted Double-sided Wind Chimes Series

I've finally completed a new series of my original reverse painted double-sided art wind chimes. These are cool. All the color is on the inside, well sealed between two plates of very thick glass, so they are just fine outdoors in all seasons, all weather.

This series I made somewhat more complex than in the past, more glass, and a bit larger, too.

Here are detail pictures of the glass from each of the three sets of wind chimes. These wind chimes have a different painting on each side, so it's almost like getting two wind chimes! You can see full pictures and read more information on my website Gallery page, by clicking here.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Earrings Now Offered Wholesale

Click on the picture to see it larger, or, better yet, visit the 'Earring Wholesale Page"on my website.

Recently I expanded and simplified the wholesale ordering page of my website. Feedback has been great! Now I have added in a wholesale earring page, as well. My cold forged copper earrings are always popular, and reportedly very comfortable to wear as well!

So if you have a store and would like to sell these cool, handcrafted copper earrings, this is a simple way to order wholesale.

Hey! This would also be a great way to order fabulous (but inexpensive) gifts for a party, or some friends. They need never know what a great deal you got!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wind Chime in a Customer's Yard

Coast Chimes all Glass and Copper Wind Chime
At its new home in Arizona

It's so nice when customers are excited and proud enough to take a picture of their new wind chime, and email it to me. I enjoy seeing my work in different places, different states, provinces, and countries. It's a little odd seeing my work in places I have never visited.

I particularly like the way this customer has hung the chime. I've seen these large black forged hooks before around here, and even thought about buying some and selling them along with my chimes. But they are just too large to ship. Besides, I believe they are widely available and very reasonably priced at around $15. That's less than I could ship them for. They are certainly well suited for my work. She got this just right, with the sun behind the glass.

See more of my wind chimes and other work on my website.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wholesale Packages Now Available, Coast Chimes

Three different wholesale sample packages
now being offered at Coast Chimes!
Visit the Wholesale Page for Details

There have been more and more wholesale enquires for Coast Chimes designs, and it has always been a little complicated sorting out what stores and galleries want. After having completed quite a few of these orders, I got a clear enough idea of what people usually want.

Thus is born the quick and easy wholesale packages that I now offer. There is a small sample package for trying my work out, or for a small shop, a medium one, and a large package which includes two large wind chimes.

This is an easy way to try Coast Chimes out in your store or gallery. It is also a good starting point for those who want to add in some other items. If you own a retail space, why not check out Coast Chimes' new and improved wholesale shopping section?