Thursday, February 28, 2008

Savary Island | Dreams | Paradise

Yes~ away from it all. Savary Island.
Savary Island, B.C., British Columbia, Gulf Island, Canada, beach, scenicClick on the image to see it larger.

Have you ever dreamed of having a place on an island where you can really get away from it all? Your place? Your getaway?

Did your dream feature a beautiful island with sandy beaches, lush vegetation, an amazing house?

Welcome to Savary Island. Welcome to my friend, the five star woodworker, Andrew Van Wersch. Welcome to my new blog, Savary B.C.

If you Google Savary Island, what stands out is the number of entries that feature the word 'paradise.' I'm not surprised. Famous for its sandy beaches, its warm clean water, it's unspoiled beauty, when it comes to describing Savary the word paradise just naturally fits.

If you have ever dreamed of island life, if you like the Pacific West Coast, if you wonder what it is like to build on an island, if you enjoy beautiful pictures, then my new blog will be of interest to you.

I am starting with the island, then focusing in on Andrew and building. I'll be following the construction of the amazing place he is building on this island paradise.

Why not check it out? You can find the blog by Clicking Here.

Soon to be an exceptional getawaySavary Island, cottage, house, building, British Columbia, bc

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Teredo Driftwood, Rusty Chimes

windchime, wind chime, teredo driftwood, driftwood, copper, cedar, handcraftedTeredo worm sculpted Pacific driftwood with large rusty iron chimes. I've added a whole page of rusty iron chimes to my website~ to see these beautiful works, Click Here.

As promised in an earlier post, I have now completed my teredo worm chewed Pacific driftwood wind chime. Actually, the teredo worm is not a worm at all, but a sort of clam. It's clear from this piece of wood why those who own wood boats dread the teredo worm!

I've also just added a whole page to my new website featuring rusty iron chimes. Rust is beautiful! These are heavy chimes, and the rust evenly coats the chimes. Since the chimes are quite thick, it will be years and years before they rust away, so not to worry about that.

Like (almost) all my chimes, these have beach stone clappers. Great sound. Great beauty

Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring-like Weather here on the Coast ~ Sale to Celebrate!

my new website, Coast Chimes, snapshot image of the homepageSnapshot section of my new website. To celebrate what seems like spring here on the Sunshine Coast, I decided to have a sale! Why not check it out? Treat yourself or a friend to something beautiful.

After such a l-o-n-g, cold, wet, dark and dismal winter, suddenly we have warm(er) temperatures and blue skies here on the Sunshine Coast. I can't begin to express how this has improved my spirits! That was one tough winter!

Of course, through much of the country people would scoff at the idea of 37 degrees even being called winter. But there is a dampness and a darkness here that truly can become a drag very quickly. And then it goes on and on until it seems it will never end.

Beside, I do almost all my work outside in unheated spaces. I can tell you that 37 degrees, or even 42, may not sound all that cold, but when you are standing in one spot handling copper tubing without gloves, it is cold.

So with the sun shining down, with the temperature climbing up, it seems like an excellent reason to celebrate. Just go to my website to take advantage of my spring sale. Add some beauty to your environment.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lower Prices (for a bit)

windchime, chime, beach glass, sea glass, copper, cedar, kaleidoscope, Tim KlineBeach Glass Inspired Kaleidoscope Art Wind Chime
Price temporarily reduced on my website!

I got a shock the other day in the form of a rather large, unexpected bill. That's life. That's Great news for my customers, as I need to sell a few works fast. I've just lowered the prices on quite a few of the wind chimes and suncatchers on my website, so if you have been thinking about something nice for your home, office, yard or garden~ this is the right time! Prices will go back up as soon as this (ugh) bill gets paid.

More good news is that since my last posting (really just a week ago?) where I griped about the snow, the weather has turned very spring-like here, on the Sunshine Coast. I plan to go into full production~ lots of super neat things coming up fast on the design table. Some wonderful driftwood~ including a fabulous piece of toredo (shipworm) chewed wood. It's going to be So Nice working without having my hands freeze off!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Snow goes On and On and...

Roberts Creek, B.C., Sunshine Coast, now

The view out my packing room window. Since I mostly work outside in unheated spaces, it is really not the least bit tempting to go out there and get to work. It is pretty, though, and very nice hiking weather. I have more pictures, including recent ones of the cold snowy landscape, in a slide show on my website: Click here to see pictures of the Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast area.

This has been a very cool, wet, snowy winter so far, for this area. Most years, it might snow once or twice, and that usually melts within a few days. Then usually it's back to pretty bearable temperatures. Not this year.

We have lived on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia for thirteen years now, and I never have seen the snow hanging around this long. It's not a lot; but it's there. Not only does this make it too uncomfortable to do much work, but the white background is not ideal for taking pictures of my work. So things are kind of on hold.

Now I'm starting to run out of chimes, though, so whether I like it or not, and whether it warms up or not, I will soon have to go out and there. I am really hoping for some warmer weather!

Here is my dog Yukon, who has the right idea these days.